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Sankeien Garden

Located approximately five minutes on foot from Hiroshima International Airport, Sankeien Garden is a traditional Japanese garden that stretches over approximately six hectares. The garden emulates the mountains and valleys of Hiroshima Prefecture, as well as the scenic Seto Inland Sea, to create a beautiful and traditional garden that lets nature take center stage. The garden is home to Chōkentei, a traditional Japanese teahouse where you can hold meetings and more with a small number of guests while admiring the scenic view. It's also the perfect place to hold welcome parties and makes a great travel destination for your event.

Venue Information / Contact Information

64-24,Zennyuji,Hongo-cho,Mihara City,Hiroshima Prefecture
Approx. 1 hour drive from Hiroshima City (via highway)
Straight-line distance: 43.5 km

Parking Capacity (Buses and Cars)
Buses: 5
Cars: 167 at Chūōshinrin Park (fees apply)
Cars: 645 at Parking Lot II (fees apply)
Sankeien Garden
Description / Acceptance Time / Group Size / Time Required 【Unique Features】
Take advantage of the spacious corridors in Chōkentei by holding a standing buffet-style meal overlooking the expansive pond. Take your event one step further by including traditional Japanese elements, such as a live koto or ocarina performance. The garden is also perfect for evening events! Your guests are sure to enjoy the magical sight of the illuminated garden at night.
 Chōkentei: 9:00 am-6:00 pm (April to September), 9:00 am-5:00 pm (October to March)
 Other facilities: Open to discussion (not available during New Year holidays)
【Guest Capacity】
 Deck: 200 people
 Indoor Multifunction Space: 25 people
Inquiries Regarding Use TEL: +81-82-554-1862(Hiroshima Conven & Visitors Bureau)
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