Hiroshima Prefectural Sports Center

Basic information

conference, exhibition, banquet hall etc. facilities・Sports facilities
In Hiroshima city(Kamiya-cho zone)
Hiroshima Prefectural Sports Center
4-1 Moto-machi,Naka-ku,Hiroshima,Japan 730-0011
・By bus:Get off at kamiyacho or Hiroshima Bus Center
・By streetcar:Get off at Kamiyachou-nishi
・Astram Line:Get off at Kencho-mae(Exit West2)

From Hiroshima Station
・Bus:10 minutes to Kamiyacho
・Streetcar:15minutes to Kamiyacho-nishi
・JR with transfer to Astram Line:3minutes to JR Shinhakushima,then 2minutes to Kencho-mae

From Hiroshima Port
・Bus:20minutes to Kamiyacho
・Streetcar:25 minutes to Kamiyacho-nishi

From Hiroshima Airport
・Limousine Bus:About one hour to Hiroshima Bus Center

New Year Holidays(12/29~1/3)
(possible temporary closures for facility maintenance)
Business hours
9:00~21:00 (Acceptance 20 o'clock)
For the details, please see the following URL.
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Outline of facilities

Room Capacity Ceiling height Size Internet Equipment
Theater School Buffet Others
Conference Rooms(Large) - - - - 2.26 250(26.5×9.4) WiFi -
Conference Rooms(Medium) - 96 - - 3 190(16.1×11.9) WiFi -
Conference Rooms(Small) - 63 - - 3 100(12.1×8.6) WiFi -
Conference Rooms(Meeting room) - 56 - - 3 113 WiFi -

Sports facilities

Room Ceiling height Size Equipment
Main Arena(Hiroshima Green Arena1) 17 ・Floor area:approx.3,500(48m×80m)・Fixed seats:approx.4750(seating capacity roughly 10,000)・Court capacity:4 vollyball,4 basketball,4 tennis, 2 handball, 16 badminton, 28 table tennis Confernece rooms,changing rooms
Sub Arena 13 ・Floor area:approx.1,700(35m×49m)・Fixed seats:approx.500・Court capacity:2 vollyball, 2basketball, 2 tennis, 1 handball, 10 badminton,16 table tennis Confernece rooms,changing rooms
Martial Arts Arena(Judo and Kendo) 6 ・Floor area:approx.2200(31m×72m)・Fixd seats:approx.600 ・Court capacity :8 judo, 8 kendo(up to 12) Confernece rooms,changing rooms

Ohter Information

The Hiroshima Prefectual Sports Center is situated in the center of Hiroshima city,designed to blend in with the landscape of the lush park that surrounds it.

It is one of Japan's leading sports venues with facilities including a main arena(Hiroshima Green Arena)accommodating up to 10,000 spectators,asub arena,judo,and arechery arenas,and an indoor pool,among others.

The center was one of the venues for the 12th Asian Games (volleyball and gymnastics)in 1994,and for the 51st Hiroshima National Sports Festival (volleyball and archery)in 1996.



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