Purpose of creating the MICE logo

Launching a new MICE logo as a visual sales tool to impress meeting organizers and others worldwide, the Hiroshima Convention and Visitors Bureau (HCVB) aims to introduce them to the attractiveness of Hiroshima, the international city of peace and culture, as a MICE destination, to enhance the city image, and to attract more MICE events to the city. Also, the HCVB encourages all the local MICE stakeholders to use this logo both to strengthen ties between them and the HCVB, and to foster a spirit of teamwork in order to attract MICE events to the city.

About the logo design

A golden paper crane (a symbol of peace) and a red circle (a motif of the national flag of Japan and also a symbol of the flame of peace) shape the letter H of Hiroshima.

How to apply for MICE logo

The HCVB encourages those bidding to host conventions in Hiroshima as well as local MICE stakeholders to use this MICE logo. If you want to use the logo, please fill in the required information below (such as the intended medium of use) and press ‘confirm.’ You will receive data for the logo via email after we accept your application.
In order to understand appropriate use of the logo, please read through our manual before using it.


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Corporate name (affiliation)

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