2018/07/30News Release

The Hiroshima Convention and Visitors Bureau (HCVB)’s new subsidy program is easier to apply for than ever before

The HCVB subsidy program was modified in April 2018 in the following two regards to attract more conferences and events held in Hiroshima.

1 Expanded eligibility criteria.
The new criteria will cover a wider range of international conferences and events including those with 100 participants.

2 Simplified application
The HCVB has also simplified the previous subsidy program which consisted of subsidies for two different categories; promotion and venue fees. Based on the new program, the HCVB will provide a subsidy up to 3,000,000 JPY (approx. 27,200 USD) which shall not exceed 20 % of the expenses subject to support.

Due to these modifications, the HCVB subsidy program has become much easier to apply for. The Convention Promotion Department of the HCVB (TEL +81-82-244-4853) is looking forward to being contacted by those of you who are considering Hiroshima as destination for your next conference.

For more details, please refer to the page of "Support".