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Hiroshima Convention and Visitors Bureau (HCVB) offers a wide range of support for conferences to be held in Hiroshima including subsidies for promotion and shuttle bus transportation, tailor-made expert advice in finding suitable venues, provisions of sightseeing brochures among other things.

Please feel free to contact us for more details.
*Some of the supports are only available for conferences that meet certain requirements HCVB requires.
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Financial Support

1.Subsidies for promotion

Maximums amount
The amount of subsidy to be granted is up to 20% of expenses subject to support and the amount of maximum amount shown in the below table.
  Number of on-site participants Number of countries participating on-site Duration Maximum amount of Subsidy
(based on an exchange rate of 110JPY=1USD)
on-site only Hybrid
50-99 3 or more
(including Japan)
2days or more 150,000JPY
(Approx. 1,300USD)
(Approx. 2,200USD)
100-199 3 or more
(including Japan)
2days or more 300,000JPY
(Approx. 2,700USD)
(Approx. 4,500USD)
200 or more 3 or more
(including Japan)
2days or more 600,000JPY
(Approx. 5,400USD)
(Approx. 9,000USD)
300 or more 5 or more
(including Japan)
3days or more 3,000,000JPY
(Approx. 27,200USD)
1,000 or more
Cumulative total 2,500
- - 3,000,000JPY
(Approx. 27,200USD)

2.Subsidy for shuttle bus transportation

Maximum amount
300,000JPY (Approx. 2,700USD)
Selected requirements:
Conferences that satisfy the following conditions:
  • International conferences that attract at least 100 participants (of which at least 50 are foreign), and last at least 2 days
  • National conferences that attract at least 1,000 participants and last at least 2 days
  • “Shuttle bus” refers to large, medium-sized and micro buses as well as ships used to transport participants between conference venues and stations, airports and other transportation hubs as well as other conference venues.

Loan programs are also available.

Other Support


  • Providing templates of written promotion plans
  • Providing PR videos of Hiroshima, etc.
  • Arranging visits
  • Arranging invitations from the mayor of Hiroshima

During Events

  • Providing traditional performing arts such as kagura (ancient Shinto music and dancing)
  • Providing digital welcome signage
  • Mobilizing Hiroshima Goodwill Ambassadors
  • Mobilizing foreign language volunteer guides (information booths)
  • Exemption from admission fees to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
  • Providing tourism pamphlets, convention bags, and more
  • Arranging a welcome message from the mayor of Hiroshima
  • Lending tablet for temperature measurement