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[ Case Study 1. ] International Conference for 300 people

Basic Information

Conference Name International XX Academic Society Xth Annual Meeting
Duration Five days
Venue Hiroshima City
Domestic Participants 120
International Participants 200
Participating Countries 15

Facilities Utilized

Conference Site International Conference Center Hiroshima
Reception Party Venue ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Hiroshima (all participants attended).
Reception Party Budget 8,000 JPY per person.
Excursion No official excursion program.
Total Budget 22 million JPY (approx.)

Support from the Convention Bureau

  • A subsidy of 2.5 million JPY
    1 million JPY subsidy for the venue, 1.5 million JPY subsidy for the reception party
  • Provision of traditional Japanese performing arts.
    At the organizer’s request, we arranged a traditional ‘kagura’ performance at the ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Hiroshima. The performance had to be eye-catching, so we chose the play “Oeyama” - it has the biggest cast of all kagura plays.
  • Shuttle bus operation subsidy
    Subsidy of 300,000 JPY for costs relating to a shuttle bus connecting Hiroshima Airport and the ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Hiroshima
  • Provision of tourism brochures.
  • Provision of photographs for the academic society website.
  • Provision of Hiroshima PR materials (such as posters) from the previous year’s convention.

Comment from the Convention Bureau

This international convention made full use of the “Provision of Traditional Performing Arts” package from the bureau’s support options. We put on a colorful kagura spectacle that was representative of Hiroshima culture at the reception party.
We also consulted with the kagura troupe to pose for pictures.
For further details of this support, feel free to contact the Hiroshima Convention & Visitors Bureau.