Services for Supporting Members

Who are Supporting Members?

The Hiroshima Convention & Visitors Bureau is profoundly interested in promoting conventions and tourism in Hiroshima, and seeks the participation of companies and organizations that can provide active support for the project activities of the Bureau in the role of supporting members. The support and cooperation of these supporting members aid us in wide range of activities ranging from attracting and assisting international and domestic meetings and events to increasing the number of tourists to Hiroshima.

Newsletter Publication

We publish a “Monthly News” newsletter that includes articles about the status of venue promotion and assistance for the holding of international conferences and similar events, as well as coverage of various tourism projects and related topics in order to provide information to our supporting members and other related personnel.

Provision of Convention Calendar for Supporting Members(For member organizations paying for three or more of minimum contribution unit)

A calendar that covers detailed information about the conventions scheduled to be held in Hiroshima is provided to supporting members.
Convention Calendar for Supporting Members (Password required)

Implementation of the Outstanding Employee Awards Program

As a part of membership services, the HCVB provides an employee recognition program in order to publicly commend excellent employees working for companies and organizations of supporting members. This program is aiming to expand and develop tourism and convention promotion projects in a healthy manner, and to improve the manner in which tourists are received.

Networking Events for Supporting Members

Social gatherings for supporting members are held in order to deepen the relationships and exchanges between supporting members, and to provide a platform for creating new business opportunities.

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