Tourism Promotion

Tourism Promotion

To attract more tourists to Hiroshima, both from Japan and overseas, we prepare and develop tourism resources, enhance the setup for receiving tourists, and conduct tourism promotion and attraction activities.

Preparation and Development of Tourism Resources

Staging of the Flower Festival and Other Events

We stage the Flower Festival (May 3 to 5), Hiroshima Port Dream Fireworks Festival (fourth Saturday of July), Hiroshima Castle Chrysanthemum Exhibition (end of October to start of November), Hiroshima Dreamination (November 17 to January 3) and more.

Hiroshima Bay Night Cruising

Having an organizing committee composed of shipping operators and so on, Hiroshima Bay Night Cruising is implemented (middle of July to September 30) with the aim of establishing Hiroshima Bay as a new tourism zone.

Hiroshima City Tourism Promotion Network Conference

The secretariat organizes a conference in which officials involved with tourism in local government, organizations and industry join forces to discuss measures for promoting tourism in Hiroshima City.

Enhancing the Setup for Inviting Tourists

Operation of Tourist Information Centers

Through operating tourist information centers and providing timely information to tourists, we improve convenience for domestic and overseas tourists visiting Hiroshima City.

  1. Inside the Peace Memorial Park
  2. Kamiya-cho Underground Shopping Center (Shareo)

Support for Inviting Overseas Tourists

The "Inbound Tourism Business Fair" connects enterprises and stores that aim to welcome overseas tourists to Hiroshima with local enterprises in sectors that cater to inbound visitors. In doing so, effort will be made to bolster the setup for receiving inbound visitors to Hiroshima.

Staging of Seminars to Improve the Number of Tourists

We hold seminars to share the latest information concerning inviting of tourists among concerned officials.

Maintenance of Tourism Resources

We install tourism illuminations and maintain and repair tourism signs and so on.

Promotion of Tourism Volunteer Guide Activities

We support the activities of tourism volunteer guide groups.

Tourism Promotion and Attraction Activities

Website operations

In addition to operating the Hiroshima wide area tourism information sites "Hirotabi" and "ExploreHiroshima", we transmit the latest information to people in Japan and overseas via social media in an effort to attract more tourists to Hiroshima.

Japanese version, English version, Chinese version (simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese), Hangul version, French version, German version, Thai version
Service available on smartphone in all languages

Creation of Tourism Promotion Materials and Posting of Ads

Through creating the departure point pamphlet "Kinsai Hiroshima" and the arrival point pamphlet "Welcome to Hiroshima! Tourism Guide Map" and posting tourism PR ads and so on, we promote the attraction of tourists to Hiroshima.

Tourist Attraction Promotion Activities

PR and attraction activities for domestic and overseas tourists

  • Sales activities and information transmission through participation in various information exchange events
  • Overseas promotion activities
  • PR of Hiroshima and collection of market information in overseas markets

Goodwill Exchanges

Through organizing delegations that include the Hiroshima Goodwill Ambassadors to visit cities that have mutual exchange relationships with Hiroshima and promote tourism with respect to local governments, the mass media, tourism associations and so on, we promote exchange between cities.

Tourism Promotion activities by the Hiroshima Goodwill Ambassadors

The Hiroshima Goodwill Ambassadors are selected as worthy and willing representatives of the city to conduct tourism PR in tourism-related initiatives and attract tourists to Hiroshima.

Promotion of regional tourism

We seek to promote local tourism through assisting at festivals, events, etc. for transmitting tourism information.

Trend Survey of Inbound Tourists to Hiroshima

In addition to surveying the qualitative composition and actual conditions of tourists coming to Hiroshima by means of questionnaires, etc., we collect rough data related to tourism information in the city and utilize it for attracting tourists to Hiroshima.

Film Commission Program

We attract and offer assistance for the shooting of movies and TV drama shows, etc. at locations in Hiroshima. Through transmitting pictures of Hiroshima in this way, we boost the image of the city and aim to attract more tourists.

  • Attraction of location shooting
  • Assistance for location shooting
  • Improvement of the location shooting environment
  • Support for sale of image contents
  • Linkage between film commissions
    Hiroshima Film Commission

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