Convention Promotion

Convention Promotion

We are undertaking various efforts as well as support and promotion activities to attract domestic and overseas organizations to choose Hiroshima as a venue for conventions (meetings, conferences, exhibitions, etc.) and incentive travels.
If you are a convention organizer, meeting planner or incentive travel organizer, visit our Conference Organizer page.

Information Gathering

Conducting convention-related surveys

We conduct survey research on conventions, meetings, and other similar events that are scheduled to be carried out in the future, collect data on meetings and events that are scheduled to take place in Hiroshima, and present collected information on our website as Convention Calendar.

Attracting Conventions to Hiroshima

Approaching convention organizers and other decision makers to attract meetings and events to Hiroshima

We visit association decision makers and other key persons in both Hiroshima and other metropolitan areas in Japan to attract meetings and events to Hiroshima.

Participating in Overseas Convention Trade Shows to Attract Conventions to Hiroshima

To promote Hiroshima and to attract conventions to Hiroshima, we participate as an exhibitor in international trade shows held in countries in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, attracting buyers from all over the world who are planning to hold conventions and incentive tours.

Inviting Key Persons to Visit Potential Venues

We invite association decision makers and other key persons considering holding conventions in Hiroshima on a tour of the convention-related facilities and tourist attractions and show them what Hiroshima has to offer as convention well as our hospitality and services.

Participating in the International MICE Expo Japan (IME) as an Exhibitor

We participate in the International MICE Expo Japan, the largest convention trade show in Japan, to promote and attract conventions to Hiroshima.


* Some support items are available only to associations/organizations that satisfy certain conditions (size of the convention, etc.).

Subsidy Program for Convention Venue Promotions

As part of our efforts to attract conventions to Hiroshima, we offer associations/organizations a grant that covers part of the expenses for holding a convention in Hiroshima.
[Maximum grant amount available under the subsidy program: 3 million yen per convention]

Loaning of funds to help associations/organizations prepare for holding a convention in Hiroshima

We loan funds to help associations/organizations secure the funds necessary to prepare for holding a convention in Hiroshima
[Maximum loan amount available under the subsidy program: 3 million yen for international conferences and 2 million yen for domestic conferences]

Introduction of Convention Venues and Accommodations

We support early reservation of convention venues and introduce associations/organizations to accommodations that match the size of the convention.
Click here and search Venues/Accommodations.

Introduction of Related Suppliers and Service Providers

We introduce you to a wide range of convention-related suppliers/service providers-our supporting members-who can assist you in holding a convention, including travel agencies, Professional Congress Organizers (PCOs), interpreters, lighting/sound providers, etc.

Contacting and Coordinating with Governmental and Other Agencies

We serve as a window for contacting and coordinating with the person/organization providing nominal support to the convention, delivering the welcoming address, or the like.

Promotion of the Convention

We provide detailed information about the scheduled conference, public lecture, or other event to the press to promote it.

Providing a Subsidy to Cover the Expenses of Shuttle Buses and/or Other Transportation Services

We provide a subsidy to cover the expenses for shuttle buses and/or other transportation services to transport participants between different venues or between the venue and the transportation facilities.

Putting up Digital Signage and a Welcome Board

We put up digital signage at JR Hiroshima Station and a welcome board at Hiroshima Airport to welcome participants.

DispatchingTourist Information Desk Volunteers and Hiroshima GoodwillAmbassadors

We dispatch English-speaking volunteers to provide participants with tourist informationon and Hiroshima Goodwill Ambassadors to assist in the ceremonies (such as an awards ceremony) held during the conference or convention.

Offering Stage Performances of Traditional Japanese Arts

We offer stage performances of traditional Japanese arts unique in Hiroshima, including Kagura (a traditional type of theatrical dance) and Japanese drums.

Free Entrance to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

Provision of Various Tourism Brochures, Etc.

We provide "Hiroshima" and "Miyajima" tourism brochures, "Gourmet & Night Guide", and originally printed carry bags etc.


Issuance of the Journal "Hiroshima Convention & Visitors"

We issue the journal "Hiroshima Convention & Visitors" to provide those who plan to hold a convention with information regarding Hiroshima as convention destination including the scheduled conventions, post-convention activities, tourist attractions, and activities undertaken by the Bureau.
Journal Archive

Website Management

The website provides those who are planning to hold a convention in Hiroshima with the latest information regarding convention venues, support available for attracting and holding conventions, and scheduled conventions.


Assessment of the Economic Impact of Conventions

Our annual business report summarizes the economic impacts of conventions held in Hiroshima and in which the Bureau was involved.

Effect of Conventions

Effect of Conventions
Category Areas
Direct economic impacts Spending by host organizations venue, sound/lighting, exhibition/decoration, rental, printing, PCO, communication, transportation, eating and drinking, lodging, public transport, advertisement, commemorative gift, photographs, childcare service, etc.
Spending by participants Lodging, public transportation, eating and drinking, souvenirs, sightseeing, etc.
Indirect economic impacts Those arising from production activities undertaken by industries to produce materials and services to respond to the demands arising from the direct expenditure
Social impacts
Category Areas
Impacts brought about by conventions Revitalization of the city, reputation improvement, etc.
Impacts brought about through interaction with the community Enhanced hospitality, etc.

Hosting Tourism and Convention Seminars

We collaborate with the Hiroshima Chamber of Commerce and Industry to hold seminars targeting convention-/tourism-related organizations and companies.

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